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AgenTus Therapeutics is a dynamic new start-up subsidiary developing T cell receptors (TCRs) and chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) designed to supercharge human immune effector cells to seek and destroy cancer. We aim to deliver cures to cancer patients around the world by leveraging our proprietary platforms for TCR discovery, targeting novel phosphopeptide neo-epitopes and developing unique allogeneic cell therapies. Together with our parent company, Agenus, we have a deep and diverse repertoire of immunotherapy treatments that can be used in combinations that will synergize to help the body’s immune system fight cancer.

We are a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing allogeneic invariant natural killer T (iNKT) cell therapies to treat cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. Our iNKT cells, which we refer to as INTELLIGENT iNKT™ cells, are designed to have the innate capacity to home to the site of diseased tissue, including cancer, and recruit key components of the immune system to fight disease. iNKT cells combine properties of both T and natural killer (NK) cells and tune their response based on individual elements of the tumor or disease microenvironment. Our development pipeline includes off-the-shelf iNKT cell product candidates to treat hematologic and solid tumors. We believe these product candidates have the potential to help us treat a significantly larger patient population than is currently served by autologous Chimeric Antigen Receptor T, also known as CAR-T cell therapy.


What are we offering?

  • A dynamic, fun and learning culture
  • Exposure to pioneering science and the full scope of the drug development process
  • Innovative thinking: Speed of adopting new technologies, clear prioritization, using analytics to accelerate agile development
  • A well accomplished team of scientist and engineers with broad experience and passion about science
  • A unique opportunity to help develop state-of-the-art platforms and strategy of a burgeoning company
  • Management Team with broad experience and passion about the science
  • Career support and leadership opportunities within AgenTus
  • Membership of a growing, dynamic and collegial team across different functional groups
  • Opportunity to contribute and work with different modalities for treating cancer

Overview: AgenTus Therapeutics is seeking a highly motivated Research Assistant to support efforts aimed at developing novel therapies and technologies in the field of immuno-oncology. This position provides an outstanding training opportunity by working closely with discovery scientists to advance pre-clinical research programs into early clinical development.   

Responsibilities: He/She will be primarily responsible for maintaining cell lines, purifying primary human lymphocyte populations from buffy coats and maintaining cells in culture, and assisting with in vitro T cell-based assays.  Other responsibilities may include flow cytometric analysis of T cells, FACS and magnetic bead approaches to cell enrichment, in vitro mRNA production and purification, and mRNA electroporation. The candidate will meet with his/her supervisor to plan daily goals and be required to maintain an electronic record of laboratory activities. The candidate will also be responsible for attending weekly team meetings and present data to the group.

Qualifications: Applicant is required to have a minimum 3.0 G.P.A. Ability to follow established protocols, work independently, and learn new technical skills are necessary.  Basic laboratory skills, including but not limited to: laboratory safety, aseptic technique, calculating titrations and molar solutions, and cell counting are preferred.

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