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The producer is responsible for the daily technical operation of the show, and for the implementation of program strategy as assigned by the Program Director in a professional* and competent* manner. Negotiated job responsibilities will be maintained at all times. 




  • High school diploma or general education degree (GED);
  • Six months of experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.



Technical Operations


1.       To ensure appropriate technical operation of all audio components of the morning show on an ongoing basis. This includes:

·         Pull audio for the show, sound bites, etc. from TV shows, events, concerts and interviews.

·         Providing a smooth, uninterrupted flow on air.

·         Maintaining established on-air time frames.

·         Reporting equipment and other discrepancies immediately when appropriate.

·         Following daily logs to ensure all programming material (commercials, news, live tags etc.) are aired appropriately.

·         Initialing and listing actual times run for each item on log.

·         Maintain and update website daily. Meet with webmaster daily.

·         Maintain a "computer bit" file for bits, production, etc.

·         Make sure the show is actively on the internet (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

·         Edit tape, phone conversations, bits, etc.  


Audio Program Elements


1.       Development and production of appropriate sound effects, music beds & other audio elements to complement morning show features.




1.       To direct, contribute to, and support the creation of the morning show on a daily basis. This includes:

·         Facilitation of pre-show planning meeting.

·         Facilitation of post-show planning meeting.

·         Facilitation of weekly brainstorm session with creative contributors.

·         Scheduling of all programming elements.

·         Regular liaison with Program Director to develop and implement short and long-term strategies.

·         Coordinate/Produce the Public Affairs Show for Morning Beat Host.

·         Book appropriate guests on the show and inform Program Director.

·         Center show on pop culture.




1.       To compile and direct production of all on-air material and resources on a daily basis. This includes:

·         Daily pre-show compilation of necessary printed or on-line resources.

·         Distributions to morning show hosts and all others.

·         Daily pre-show review of news wire.

·         When possible, daily pre-show scan of newspaper.

·         Preparation of audio elements required for daily show.

·         Production of daily "run-sheet" programming guide for all participants.

·         Ensure the morning show promo is done daily.

·         Be well informed about social events and celebrities within the format

·         Research guests and have bio prepared for the host.

·         Make sure we are local and topical.


Assignment and Monitor


1.       To appropriately assign and monitor duties to host and co-host on a daily basis. This includes:

·         Decision on propriety and validity of proposed programming elements.

·         Assignment of duties in development of comedy skits, character voices, jokes, interviews etc.

·         Assignment of background research as required.


2.       To constantly monitor and provide feedback to hosts (with regular consultation from Program Director) on all programming elements based on the following criteria:

·         Appropriateness of presentation.

·         Appropriateness of subject matter.

·         Relevance to target audience.

·         Proper delivery technique.

·         Avoid questions of the day; have listeners tell stories on the show.

·         Humor fun and laughter on the show.

·         Maintenance of station standards as defined by Program Director.




1.       Facilitation of daily post-show review meeting to assess performance of all programming elements.

2.       Regular consultation with Program Director for feedback on all programming elements.  


Self- Management


1.       To ensure that appropriate Self-Management is exercised at all times, as it applies to the overall function and specifically as it relates to:


·         Overall Professionalism

·         Judgment

·         Propriety

·         Dress Code (consistent with your  job function, including appropriate grooming)

·         Confidentiality (at all times)

·         Managing Emotions (Emotional Maturity and control in all situations)

·         Taking Initiative (may include taking risks)

·         Being self-directed

·         Accepting responsibility

·         Being accountable

·         Self-critiquing

·         Accepting and growing with others Critiques.

·         Being objective (issue relevant)

·         Building and maintaining workable relationships

·         Suspending judgment (when relevant)

·         Not discriminating

·         Being accepting rather than judgmental (when appropriate)

·         Allowing others their feelings

·         Extending common courtesies

·         Behaving out of a sense of urgency (when appropriate)

·         Striving for Balance

·         Appropriately delegating

·         Evolving self-awareness

·         Problem Solving and Decision Making (within scope of the function)


Professional Development


1.       To stay current with all relevant industry information as it applies to the overall job responsibilities. This includes:

·         Staying in touch with film, television, major culture events, sports, music etc.

·         Having current knowledge of issues relevant to listening area.

·         An awareness of major news headlines.

·         Staying current with trends and issues as they relate to our target audience.

2.       To attend all skill building workshops as required.

3.       To drive your own Performance Appraisal every six months.

*Professionalism is described as being consistently appropriate in all situations and at all times

*Competence is defined as using "effectiveness and efficiency" in equal measure at all times


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