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The foregoing is an accurate statement of the facts to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any falsification, incomplete information or misrepresentation may be reason to refuse me employment or cause disciplinary action, including termination of employment, if hired and discovered later. I also understand that all offers of employment are conditioned upon my passing a drug test specified by the Company, providing satisfactory proof of my identity and legal eligibility to work in the United States, and on satisfactory completion of an employment background check.

I understand and agree that my employment is at-will, that nothing in this application or in any other express or implied agreement shall be deemed to create or become part of any contract of employment for a specified term between me and the Peppermill Hotel Casino (Company) and that my employment can be terminated at any time by me or the Company for any or no cause. I understand and agree that any statements to the contrary whether oral or written are expressly disavowed and are not to be relied upon by me. I understand that no representative of this Company, other than the President, has any authority to enter into any agreement for employment for any specified period of time or to make any agreement contrary to the foregoing. Further, the President may not alter the at-will nature of the employment relationship unless it is done in a specific written employment agreement for a fixed term.

I hereby authorize the Company to investigate my record which may include verification of information with federal, state, and local authorities. I also authorize my present and former employers, school officials, and any persons I name as references to give information regarding me, whether or not it is on its records. I hereby release the Company and its representatives from liability for seeking such information and all other persons, corporations or organizations from furnishing such information. I also authorize the Company to give information concerning me, whether or not it is on its records, to prospective employers in the future, and release the Company and its employees from any liability whatsoever.

The Peppermill is a drug-free employer. I understand that if I am applying for a Security position or a Transportation position I will be required to take a pre-employment drug test. Once hired (in any position) I may also be required to undergo random drug testing and/or drug testing for reasonable suspicion of drug or alcohol use as well as post-accident testing. I further understand that I will be subject to discipline, up to and including termination, if I fail to pass any drug test or if I refuse to take any drug test. I realize that the Company operates a casino in which alcoholic beverages are served and in which smoking by guests, and by employees in designated areas is permitted.

I agree to abide by all Company policies and procedures. I understand the Company may amend these policies at its discretion and that these policies do not constitute an employment contract. All such policies and procedures are available to employees through the Human Resources office. The Company is an Equal Opportunity employer. The Company does not discriminate in employment and no question on this application is used for the purpose of limiting or excluding any applicant's consideration for employment on any basis prohibited by local, state, or federal law. By submitting this application form, I acknowledge that I have read the above, that I understand it, and that I will abide by it.

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