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Aeronautical Survey Planner/GNSS Observer
Work Location Norfolk, VA
Exemption Status Exempt
Full Time or Part Time Full time
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The National Geodetic Survey (NGS) defines and manages the National Spatial Reference System (NSRS) - the framework for latitude, longitude, height, scale, gravity, orientation, and shoreline throughout the United States. Maintaining and updating this data, as well as conducting research to improve the collection, distribution, and use of this spatial data, is a significant undertaking.  Contractor support for these efforts is required by NGS’ Remote Sensing Division and described below.  Since 1999, National Ocean Service (NOS) has supported the development of VDatum, a software tool designed to convert geospatial data among tidal, orthometric and ellipsoidal vertical datums, allowing users to establish a common reference system for mapping and other applications. The need for a single tool to combine multiple geospatial data sets into one common base has long been recognized by the surveying and mapping community, and the availability of initial versions of VDatum models covering coastal areas of the contiguous United States has helped in acquiring hydrographic and shoreline data more accurately and efficiently. This work requires a full-time position to support land surveying objectives of the Program.

Position Description

Will provide GNSS Observations on tidal benchmarks for the designated tidal stations.  Duties consist of both field and office assignments.  The goal of this project is to obtain GNSS Observations on tidal benchmarks for updated geodetic to tidal datum relationship information. This data will be used to update the transformation fields for use in the VDatum software. 

Field - The position will locate and recover benchmarks, take GNSS (or other) observations, processing, submittal to OPUS Share Solutions, perform management/delivery of associated data, and update the observational tracking application.  Sometimes the pace of work is fast - coordinating with other employees or aircraft schedules may be necessary.  Field assignments typically run for about 6 weeks at a time. The candidate shall possess a valid U.S. driver's license

Office - The position will be responsible for maintaining and repairing equipment for field deployment, processing data, or performing research on projects. Reviewing other project data submissions which requires attention to detail, mathematical analysis, and ability to report findings.

Required Skills

Must be familiar with GNSS receivers, antennas and associated software. Must have understanding of Static and RTK methodologies. Experience operating data collectors. Must have knowledge of total station work (traversing, stakeout, etc); Leveling (minor need); NGS tools (OPUS, OPUS Projects, PAGES/ADJUST, etc); least squares data adjustment experience or education; and, technical report preparation and review. Must be able to lift/carry surveying equipment. Must be comfortable working independently. 
Must be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident and be able to pass a background investigation to obtain a security badge to enter the applicable government facility.

BS in Land Surveying,Geography, GIS, Cartography, Earth Sciences, Computer Science, related discipline, or equivalent.

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