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Help Desk Specialist
Work Location Gloucester, MA
Exemption Status Exempt
Full Time or Part Time Full time
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The Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NEFSC) Data Management Systems Program (DMS) supports Information Technology (IT) services for various laboratories and field stations from Maine to New Jersey. NEFSC programs and remote offices have applications and systems that rely on DMS provided infrastructure and operational capability to execute their mission. These mission requirements are derived from the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act and can vary based on many factors including legislative changes, NMFS/NOAA/Department of Commerce/Office of Management of Budget requirements and legal guidance. 

Position Description
Will be the initial point of contact for information technology and program support services for NEFSC programs and staff based at the NEFSC facilities. Will provide support to on-site staff and remote desktop support to the tele-working staff located throughout the United States. Will work in a predominantly Windows environment where user operating system ranges from Windows 10 to Linux desktops. Will support video teleconference capability used by various NEFSC executives using Cisco, GoToWebinar/Meeting, and Google Hangout technology. Specific duties include:

  • Determine how the information technology systems should be designed, developed, configured, and deployed; systems such as those to support database design, application development, system documentation, and to support users.
  • Determine the procedures to obtain and organize user required information.  
  • Will develop complex routines and detailed sequences of internal program logic by coding, testing, and debugging. 
  • Will lead and develop test data and appropriate testing procedures, analyze, and evaluate the results.  
  • Identify and learn the agency electronic data processing standards, policies, and established system design approaches.
  • Investigate and analyze a variety of unusual problems, questions, or conditions associated with a particular applications or specialty area; formulation of projects or studies such as those to substantially alter major systems; or establishment of criteria in an assigned applications or specialty area.
  • Assist scientists with data summaries, scientific manuscript development, software application development, model execution (initialization, parameterization, calibration, and validation), and may include presentation of results at scientific meetings.
  • Plan, develop, implement, and maintain programs, policies, and procedures to protect the integrity and confidentiality of systems, networks, and data.
  • Act as an interface for IT support services for NEFSC end users.
  • Use the automated web-based service desk ticketing to log and track all customer calls to completion and ensure a historical database of calls are retained.
  • Support other NEFSC project teams during implementation and testing of changes or enhancements to the NEFSC LAN and applications.
  • Support the technology needs of NEFSC users with off-site/off-campus meetings and conferences. May require local area travel to transport equipment to support off-site/off campus meetings.
  • Respond to reports of malware infections on computing devices and support remediation efforts by following established NOAA incident response policy and procedures.
  • Adhere to policies and procedures ensuring information system reliability and accessibility and to prevent and defend against unauthorized access to systems, networks, and data.
  • Promoting awareness of security issues among management and ensuring sound security principles are reflected in organizations' visions and goals.
  • Adhere to developed systems security contingency plans and disaster recovery procedures.
  • Ensure systems, network, and data users are aware of, understand, and adhere to systems security policies and procedures.
  • Facilitating the gathering, analysis, and preservation of evidence used in the prosecution of computer crimes.
  • Develop, institute, and maintain Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in the areas of incident management, service requests and Application Support services.
  • Maintain appropriate telephone calling scripts/messages to ensure that end users are provided relevant, and accurate information as quickly as possible.
  • Develop and manage customer service performance requirements.
  • Monitoring the status and progress towards resolution of all Incidents.

Required Skills

  • Experience with formulation of projects or studies such as those to substantially alter major systems, or establishment of criteria in an assigned applications or specialty area. 
  • Ability to perform basic portions or functional aspects of an information technology project. 
  • Experience in determining how a system should be organized, such as the number and kind of records, files, and documents necessary, and the procedures to obtain and organize the required information. 
  • Ability to develop basic routines and detailed sequences of internal program logic by coding, testing, and debugging. 
  • Ability to develop test data and appropriate testing procedures, analyzes and evaluates the results. 
  • Knowledge of basic to wide range of computer techniques, requirements, methods, and procedures including approaches used by other agencies to design solutions for application requirements. 
  • Knowledge, skills, and ability to investigate and analyze routine and unusual problems, questions, or conditions associated with particular applications or specialty area and resolve problems.
  • Work independently and utilize experience and judgement to resolve technical issues before escalating trouble tickets.
  • Proficient with a variety of the field's concepts, practices and procedures.

Must be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident and be able to pass a background investigation to obtain a security badge to enter the applicable government facility.

BS in Computer Science, related degree, or equivalent.  Degree may be substituted for 6 years equivalent training in information technology.

  • CompTIA A+ Certified or ability to obtain certification within 6 months after start of Task Order. 
  • CompTIA Security+ Certified or ability to obtain certification within 6 months after start of Task Order.
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