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Bakery Production Manager
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Who Are We?

King’s Hawaiian has been a family-owned business since its founding in 1950 by Robert R. Taira in Hilo, a small town on the island of Hawaii, also known as “The Big Island.” The Taira Family is committed to keeping the company privately held and maintaining the shared values and sense of ‘Ohana (Hawaiian word for “family”) that are core to the company today.

When we invite new members to join our ‘Ohana, we seek those who have high emotional intelligence, extraordinary thinking skills (critical thinking, collaborative thinking, and intensely curious thinking), and what we call “Aloha Behaviors.” Those behaviors are expressed in three areas: Excellence, Dignity, and Telling it like it is in a way that can be heard. These things are what we call the “who” in those we seek because they represent the core character and capabilities of a person vs. solely representing a record of learned skills and experiences. Members of our ‘Ohana are high performers and curious learners who treat each other with dignity and accountability. This is what we seek in all members at all levels in the organization.

Our mission is “to deliver irresistible Hawaiian food and aloha spirit that families enjoy everywhere, every day”. The leader we seek will understand he or she can have a significant role in achieving our vision to become “the global leader in the Hawaiian Food Category.” Above all, this person will be energized by our commitment to never sacrifice on making irresistible products for financial gain, and more importantly, be proud of being a part of ‘Ohana that shares aloha spirit.

Who Are You? 

You are an authentic, dedicated, systematic problem solver who is highly motivated by the opportunity to build a high-performing team and constantly challenging the status quo to make your operations more effective and efficient. You are process oriented and focused on establishing processes, systems, and priorities. You don’t “manage” people or things; you “lead” them, you “create” them. You are a conductor; you provide direction, prioritization, motivation, and guidance to your team so that your customers are wowed by their experience. You are an excellent communicator with the ability to both inspire confidence and build trust with people quickly. You have high emotional intelligence and lead by listening with empathy. You model behaviors and activities that set a standard for those around you. You are intensely curious and live to learn. You see problems as opportunities. You are data driven and understand the value of planning and forecasting to eliminate roadblocks before they happen. You pride yourself on being adaptable and nimble. You are a “get stuff done” person. You love food and seek out opportunities to truly understand how to continually create irresistible products for our customers.

Your Role

The Bakery Production Manager is the leader and conductor of all Back of the House Bakery Operations and is responsible for overseeing a 60+ person team including, Production (mixing, bench, fryers, and ovens), Pan Washers, Cake Icing, Pastry Finishers, Decorators, Packers, Purchasing/Receiving and Delivery Drivers.

Reporting to the Bakery General Manager, you will be responsible for

  1. Operational Excellence & Efficiency
  2. People Management (Supervision)
  3. Process & Systems
  4. Planning & Coordination
  5. Financial Analysis & Management

Key Responsibilities

Operational Excellence & Efficiency

  • Instill a continuous improvement culture within the ‘Back of the House’ bakery team (all shifts) that continues to improve product quality as well as operational efficiencies.
  • Manage and precisely forecast both sales and traffic trends to appropriately staff, schedule, and plan resources (people, ingredients, inventory, etc.).
  • Accurately staff and schedule to the needs of the business (specifically understanding the dynamic changes in needs / demands based on weekdays, weekends, and holidays).
  • Manage food production planning including but not limited to inventory management, product mix and projections.
  • Minimize waste with a topline focus.

People Management (Supervision)

  • Model King’s Hawaiian’s Aloha behaviors.
  • Establish and grow an awesome team with a culture of excellence, transparency, continuous improvement, and data-driven decision making.
  • Develop goals / objectives, tasks, direction, prioritization, and timelines for all team members and ensure assigned goals / objectives and tasks are completed on time and either meeting or exceeding expectations.
  • Develop, execute, and continually train all team members on best practices (e.g., baking, food safety, etc.).
  • Develop leaders and build succession plans / business continuity plans for each shift as well as for the future.

Process & Systems

  • Develop, document, execute, and maintain strict processes and systems for best baking practices as well as food quality / safety. Ensure all established processes and systems are in place and maintained.
  • Evaluate current floor layout and workflow and develop recommendations on either process, equipment, and/or technology enhancements or changes that will improve quality, safety, and/or efficiencies. Execute the approved recommendations.
  • Continually challenge the status quo and the way the team is performing tasks and identify ways to become more efficient and effective.

Planning & Coordination

  • Participate in the development of the King’s Hawaiian strategic operating plan and bakery production plan for alignment.
  • Develop accurate planning models and forecasting tools to ensure the appropriate amount of ingredients, products, orders, etc. are available at all times (specifically understanding the dynamic changes in needs / demands based on weekdays, weekends, and holidays).
  • Communicate regularly with the Commissary Manager, Head Baker and Local Place GM to ensure appropriately levels of products are being made and/or delivered as well as quality is meet or exceeding expectations.
  • Develop systems and processes for communication, monitoring / inspecting, and feedback from staff as well as guests.

Financial Analysis & Management

  • Manage the production schedules, budgets, costs, inventory, waste, etc. and ensure the accuracy of the data as well as performance focused on being efficient and effective.
  • Continually review and executive corrective action plans to address any negative variances in the bakery financials (e.g., COG’s, Labor, etc.).
  • Develop metrics for improved efficiencies in Sales, COG, Labor, operating costs, etc. for the bakery.

Required Experience & Capabilities

  • 3-5+ years of Management and/or Supervision experience.
  • Demonstrated the ability to lead and execute change and/or operational transformations.
  • Proven track record of building a highly functional team and develop leaders at varied levels, committed to excellence in everything they do and can earn the respect of his / her people by developing a culture of excellence and caring.
  • Bakery experience and understanding of the baking process.
  • Developed, maintained, and presented forecasts / projections, budgets, orders, scheduling, and daily / monthly / annual reporting. Assess financial performance (e.g., profit, cost, inventory, waste, etc.) and ability to identify trends and drivers.
  • Managed the staffing and scheduling of a team and/or employees.
  • Strong Project Management skills and process orientation. Ability to manage the details and ensure tasks are being executed on time and appropriately.
  • Experience implementing and/or leveraging technology tools, solutions and/or platforms to drive efficiencies.
  • Proven ability to operate under pressure (e.g., deadlines, quality issues, customer commitments, etc.) and remain calm, collective and remain aware of all influencing factors during these challenging times.
  • Open-Time availability and willingness to work any of the 3 shifts (especially during the first few months of employment) as well as over weekends and the holidays.
  • Proficient in all Microsoft Office Applications (especially Excel).

Desired Experience & Capabilities (Not Required)

  • College Degree or some College Preferred.
  • Experience with Toast POS System.
  • Experience with “Hawaiian Cuisine”.
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